Tried and True Resources

All of the following resources come with my personal seal of approval. I have used each of these resources myself and found them to be extremely helpful. 

“The Lorax” ebook

Awesome YouTube video of the book being read aloud along with music, other sound effects, and screenshots of the book’s pages with illustrations and words.

“Dear Children of the Earth” reading

This beautiful book, written from the perspective of Mother Earth, is narrated by an adorable little girl dressed up in beautiful costumes. Includes music and the book’s illustrations as well.

Bembo’s Zoo

Very fun online resource that allows you to click on a letter of the alphabet that corresponds to an animal starting with that letter. The animation will show the animal name and then it creates a picture of that animal using only the letters from its name. Below is ‘dragon.’

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.04.46 PM

International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)

I really enjoy this website as an alternative to paper books. You can search by so many different variables: age audience, length of the book, countries, time periods, genre, subject, date it was published on the site, etc., etc., etc.

Kindergarten Resources

I found this website when I was doing some summer reading tutoring, and I think I used just about every resource on the list. They are all kid-friendly, and many are games and activities based, which makes them both fun and educational for students.

Fun Math Games

Look no further to find simple and enjoyable games that reinforce math skills. My personal favourite: Shut the Box.

Children’s Song Guitar Chords

Simple chords for almost every children’s song imaginable. With this handy resource, you will be ready to strum and sing away with your students. Great way to bring music into the classroom every day.

FN Music

This Canadian Heritage website has a wealth of interesting information and helpful resources to help teach about traditions in First Nations cultural music. I used it extensively during my Grade 3 Music Unit.

Maths Dictionary for Kids

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.21.27 PM

I love this website for finding easy to understand definitions for over 630 mathematical terms. The text is succinct and includes colourful diagrams with helpful labels. A must have resource for teaching elementary math units! I used this while planning a Patterns unit for Kindergarten – the definitions were easy enough to use with Kinders.




Moth to Butterfly Transformation

I just found this gem of a link via a Facebook page for Grade 1 resources. The pictures show colourful and curious pictures of moths and when you click, they transform into their  respective butterfly selves! This would be awesome for any class studying butterflies and could be used in so many ways – have students create their own made up moths and butterflies, make predictions about what the butterfly will look like based on the moth, try to match up moths with butterflies, do compare and contrasts, etc.

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