Samples of My Work

In the fall of 2021, I began teaching Grade 1 subjects through hands-on, play-based, exploratory centres. This document provides an extensive list of the centres I have used with students, organized by subject and outcome.

Sandcastles on the Shoreline: Building Relationships with Children and Families in ECE Settings

This e-portfolio served as the graduating project for my Master’s in Early Childhood Education through UBC (2021). Using the metaphor of sandcastles on the shoreline, I describe and illustrate various ways that early years teachers can build relationships with the students and families they have the privilege of working with.

I created this document for EC&I 832, a graduate course through the University of Regina focusing on Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy. The resource features a variety of lessons that teach Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy concepts to young children through a hands-on, play-based approach.

Building Metalinguistic Awareness in Young Children Using Children’s Literature

This resource, featuring 40 children’s books, provides ideas of how adults can use literature to build metalinguistic awareness skills in young children through quality interactions. This resource was created as a final project for one of my Masters classes.

Early Years Lesson Plan with Holistic Development Wheel

This is a template I’ve created for my internship in Kindergarten. A lot of the outcomes in K are covered through centres, or invitations, so this is like a lesson plan template for a hands-on centre. On the second page, you will find the Holistic Learning Wheel, to help you consider the 4 aspects of ECE that are explored.

Outdoor Learning Spaces website

I made this WordPress site as part of a research project in my final year of undergraduate studies. The site is a compilation of my research into outdoor learning spaces and includes a visual of my ideal outdoor learning space.

Kindergarten Arts Ed Inquiry Unit

This is an inquiry unit plan overview for an Arts Ed outcome in Kindergarten. It focuses on the question “What is Art?” I made this as a project during a course focusing on teaching Arts Education to elementary students.

Strengthen Structures – Gr 3 Science ppt

This is a power point presentation I used to preface an experiment about structures in the Grade 3 curriculum.

Social Studies Toolbox

This is a Social Studies toolbox for the elementary curriculum. It provides many resources to help approach the different outcomes and indicators.

Gr 3 Shape and Space Math Kit

This Math Kit was created for the Shape and Space strand in the Grade 3 Mathematics curriculum. It centres around the Explore Plus Four approach to teaching math and is all hands-on, game-based activities to learn and reinforce math topics.

Fundamental Movement Skills (Elementary Phys Ed) songs

I created these teaching songs for a course on Elementary Physical Education. The songs are a fun and musical way to help your students remember the types of, and certain steps to, the Fundamental Movement Skills.

Grade 2 ELA Unit Plan (Environmental Education)

This is a Grade 2 English Language Arts unit I created that infuses Environmental Education, which I created for ESCI 302. It focuses on the development of environment appreciation and awareness while building the basic ELA skills of reading, writing, spelling, listening, speaking, and comprehension. It satisfies the Compose and Create #2 outcome from the Saskatchewan curriculum and, therefore, focuses on students expressing their learning through a vast range of mediums.

White Supremacy through the “Sassy Squaw” costume – Prezi

This prezi, created for ECS 110, showcases how an inappropriate children’s costume demonstrates white supremacy.

Early Years Music lessons

This is an Explorations through Music unit that is geared towards an Early Childhood classroom.


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