My Experiences

Teacher (Hudson Bay Community School – Pre-K and Grade 1)

August 2016 – present 

I am a proud early years teacher at HBCS. I started my teaching career in Hudson Bay, and have been here ever since! I currently teach Pre-Kindergarten (3 and 4 year olds) in the morning and Grade 1 in the afternoon.

Substitute Teacher/Teacher Associate (Regina Early Learning Centre)

January – April 2016

As a substitute, I would fill in for regular teaching staff in the pre-school program. This includes the basic duties of leading students through group activities, engaging in play and exploration with students, documenting student conversations and activities, prompting students to have a snack and brush their teeth, taking students outside to play, and loading them onto vans to be driven home.

Intern (Davidson School – Kindergarten)

August – December 2015

I will be spending my fall semester at Davidson School in the Kindergarten classroom. There are 31 Kindergarten students, split into two classes, which will come on alternating days in groups of 15 and 16.

Pre-Intern (Gladys McDonald School, Regina – Grade 3)

October – December 2014, March – April 2015

I had the amazing experience to be a pre-intern at GMS in a Grade 3 classroom with students who had a large range of academic needs and abilities, and diverse family backgrounds. During the fall semester, I spent one full day a week at the school, in which I taught one lesson per day in areas such as Science, Art, Health, Social Studies, Physical Education and English Language Arts. For 3 weeks in March and April, I spent every day at the school and taught a Music unit in the Arts Education curriculum, but also incorporated my lessons into the subject areas of Social Studies and English Language Arts.

My pre-internship partner and I after our first day.

My pre-internship partner and I after our first day.

Playing guitar and singing with my students

Playing guitar and singing with my students

Our last day of pre-internship

Our last day of pre-internship

Resident Assistant (Residence Services, University of Regina)

August 2013 – April 2014     August 2014 – April 2015,  January – April 2016

As a Resident Assistant, I am responsible for monitoring the security of the building, ensuring residents know and are following the rules, meeting with residents on my floor, and planning/ implementing events for the residents. This job has allowed me to greatly build on skills such as confidentiality, accountability, authority, cooperation/teamwork and organization/time management.

The RA team bonding at laser tag

The RA team bonding at laser tag

The bulletin board I made for my floor

The bulletin board I made for my floor

Summer Tutor

Summers of 2013-2015

I was a summer tutor for a student going into Grade 5/6/7 who had learning delays that caused him to be several grade levels behind in his reading skills. I planned specialized weekly, hour-long lessons that practiced basic reading skills and concepts. I had a strong focus on activity and game-based learning to make learning more interactive and enjoyable. I incorporated many outdoor and hands-on activities that worked on real-life skills.

Making movie posters for a short story we read

Making movie posters for a short story we read

In-School Mentor (Big Brothers of Regina)

October 2013 – April 2014

I spent one hour a week with a Grade 5 student in Regina whom I got matched up with. I planned various different activities (ex. puppet/set making for puppet shows, blindfolded obstacle courses, mad libs, drawing activities, etc.) for us to participate in together. I really enjoyed this experience, as it was a chance to build a relationship with a student that was just about having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Homemade puppets and backdrops for a puppet show

Homemade puppets and backdrops for a puppet show

ECS 200 Volunteer Work (Regina Early Learning Centre)

January – March 2014

I volunteered for 3 hours, once a week in the Blue Room. It consisted of 12 students, aged 3-5 in a Pre-Kindergarten setting. I assisted the teacher and teacher assistant and interacted with the children as they learn through play. I found this experience to be very rewarding, as it directly mirrors the concepts that I learned in my Early Childhood Education class during the same semester. It was a very different classroom atmosphere than Grade 1 and up, but was also very admirably complex. This experience built my awareness of the work ECE teachers put into their teaching and definitely made me respect the work that they do with young children that builds a strong foundation for the grades later on.

The poster board I made to present my experiences at RELC

The poster board I made to present my experiences at RELC

KIN 120 Practicum

October – November 2013

My partner and I were paired with an elementary aged student from a Regina school who had a disability. We were required to plan engaging physical activities for our student to participate in with us in the gym, pool, and dance studio. I found this to be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience that taught modifications and specialized tailoring to your students abilities/interests.

ELNG 200 Field Experience (Balfour Collegiate)

September – November 2013

This field experience was my first with high school students, all of whom were ELL students ranging from Grade 9-12. I helped students with any homework that they needed assistance with and also found it to be an experience that echoed the theoretical concepts we were learning in our ELNG lectures.

ECS 100 Field Experience (W. H. Ford Elementary School)

October – December 2012

I observed and participated in a Pre-Kindergarten class for an entire morning once a week. Most of my time was spent interacting with the children during their play. This experience opened me up to a possible future teaching Early Childhood Education. I was introduced to the concepts of learning through play and fostering early independence during my time at W. H. Ford.

Summer Tutor

July – August 2011 & 2012 

I was a summer tutor for a student who was going into Grade 3/4 during two summers. Our sessions were an hour long, once a week. I created and implemented all of my own, themed lesson plans. Each lesson included activities that enforced skills of spelling, reading & comprehension, writing and mathematics.

Classroom Volunteer (Watrous Elementary School)

January – June 2011 and January – June 2012

During spares in my Grade 11 and 12 years, I volunteered once a day in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 3. I accumulated over 115 hours of volunteer experience during these two semesters. I was, essentially, doing the job of an educational assistant. My responsibilites included conducting one-on-one testing, offering individualized help on assignments, directing small groups, facilitating crafts and art projects, assisting teachers with classroom organizational tasks such as photocopying or hanging posters/student artwork, or any other tasks the classroom teacher had planned for me. I worked with various students with disabilities (learning and physical) and ESL students during this time.

Math Tutor

February – June 2011 and September 2011 – June 2012 

I was a Mathematics tutor for a Grade 6/7 student over the course of two school years. Our weekly sessions were an hour long and either enforced skills the student had learned in class or reviewed concepts when there was an upcoming unit test.

Child Minder (Carlton Trail Regional College)

December 2011 – February 2012

While parents from recently-immigrated families were taking part in an ESL class, their children had the opportunity to come and participate in activities that inspired creativity, familiarized them with the English language, and encouraged socialization with other children their age (ranging from 3-11). I was required to bring all materials needed for the lesson plans, which I made myself. We had weekly, 3 hour meeting times that included activities such as group and independent play, stories, crafts, educational games, and imaginative exercises. Unfortunately, due to very few participants, the class had to be cancelled before the end of the year.

Last updated: March 10, 2018


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