About Me

Hello, my name is Kara Fidelack. I am currently in my fPhoto 2019-09-11, 8 04 46 AMifth year of teaching at Hudson Bay Community School, in the small town of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. I am lucky enough to get to work with our youngest learners, as a teacher of 3 and 4 year olds in the Pre-Kindergarten program. It is a wonderful world full of imagination, play, and smiles, which I absolutely love! Early Childhood Education is truly my passion, and I am honoured to get to be the first formal teacher that my students experience on their educational journey. I also have the opportunity to spend the other half of my job sharing a Grade 1 homeroom with a wonderful colleague! 

While growing up in the small town of Watrous, SK, teaching was always my chosen career path and vocation. From spending time with young children when my mother ran a childcare service out of our home, to being a tutor, to volunteering with and working for many different groups and programs, I had many opportunities to solidify my post-secondary choice of pursuing a degree in Education. After graduating from high school, I was accepted into the phenomenal Faculty of Education at the University of Regina, where I continued to grow as a future teacher. After convocating in April of 2016, I began my first year of teaching at HBCS for the 2016-17 school year. I look forward to continuing my educational journey, as I begin my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education through the University of British Columbia in September 2018.

In a nutshell, I am a small town Saskatchewan girl who loves being a dog mom, eating chocolate, practicing yoga, listening and making music (I play guitar and sing), traveling, curling up with a good book, the great outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends. If you think we could be educational colleagues, please drop me a line – I love to expand my PLN online and in real life!

Please check out my online professional portfolio here! 

Don’t be shy – follow me on twitter: @kfidelack

I also have a collection of Education-themed boards on Pinterest, which you can find here!

I am so glad to have you join me on my journey!

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You have a fabulous blog, Kara. Thank you for showing the class how to add Widgets. I will be experimenting with Widgets lots in the next few weeks. I am fascinated that you even linked in the above post. I have a lot to learn, and will be referring back to your blog to see what else I can add to mine. Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much Leta! Today is actually my one year anniversary with WordPress, so I’ve had A LOT of practice haha. If you ever have any questions, just give me a shout. I’m always happy to share what I know so others can love blogging as much as I do! 🙂

  2. I love your page! I am in my 2nd year of the Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP) in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I am new to WordPress and just learning how to make changes etc to my page. If you have any tips and tricks can you please let me know. I am starting my teaching portfolio, as required, and your page was recommended.

    • Hi Jennifer! So nice to meet you! Thank you for all of the kind comments about my website; it has been my “baby” for about 7 years now and has definitely evolved over time as my teaching practice evolved.

      My best tip is to keep experimenting with the platform to become more familiar with it. The best thing I learned to do was create menus for different pages to navigate and organize my site better. WordPress has good tutorials and instructions/FAQs, or you can always Google how to perform certain actions.

      Make sure to make your site your own; it is your little slice of the web to share what you are all about at a glance! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to checking out your WordPress site as it continues to blossom and unfold!

      My best,


      • Looking back at the comments, I see it’s been about 5.5 years! :p I did have my website as a Blogger before finding out about WordPress, and transferred all of my posts over when I decided to go with this platform instead. I’ve never looked back!

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