About Me

IMG_5891Hello, my name is Kara Fidelack (Fi-DELL-lick). I am a recent Bachelor of Education graduate from the Elementary Education program at the University of Regina (April 2016). I am beginning my first year as the Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Hudson Bay Community School in Hudson Bay, SK this fall (2016-17 school year) and am ECSTATIC! I am a small town Saskatchewan girl who loves dogs, chocolate, music (I play guitar and sing), curling up with a good book, the great outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends.

I completed my 4th year internship semester in a Kindergarten classroom in Davidson, SK. This was an entirely new experience to me (not having much prior experience in this grade), but after spending four months in K with amazing students and a phenomenal co-operating teacher, it definitely has a special place in my heart. I love the inquisitive and energetic mindset that Kinders have and the fascinated way they approach learning new things. I especially loved the holistic nature of Kindergarten and the experiential learning that took place through the ‘invitations’ that I planned. Internship was a very rewarding experience that truly helped me to improve my practice as a future teacher.

A cause that is near and dear to my heart is music and the arts. I am always excited to find resources or cook up ideas that incorporate arts education within different subjects like math and science! I am very pro arts and want to have a classroom that helps future scientists, as well as artists, to develop, discover, learn and grow! I really enjoy incorporating music and movement into my daily classroom routine and I especially love to play guitar and sing with my students.


Singing with my Grade 3 class in pre-internship

In addition, I am also very passionate about Treaty Education and infusing FNMI ways of knowing into all subject areas, as well as knowledge from cultures around the world. I believe that this part of the curriculum is essential in order to build accepting and compassionate students. Learning about other cultures gives students a respect for diversity, but also allows them to draw similarities between themselves and other people.

Student Medicine Wheel


Now that I have completed my degree, it is very exciting (and a bit surreal) to start a full-time teaching job and have my very own classroom full of wonderful students. I am so passionate about starting a career that I truly love and I can’t wait to get started! If you think we could be educational colleagues, please drop me a line – I love to expand my PLN online and in real life!

Please check out my online professional portfolio here! 

Don’t be shy – follow me on twitter: @kfidelack

I also love Pinterest and have tons of Education boards that you can find here!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You have a fabulous blog, Kara. Thank you for showing the class how to add Widgets. I will be experimenting with Widgets lots in the next few weeks. I am fascinated that you even linked in the above post. I have a lot to learn, and will be referring back to your blog to see what else I can add to mine. Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much Leta! Today is actually my one year anniversary with WordPress, so I’ve had A LOT of practice haha. If you ever have any questions, just give me a shout. I’m always happy to share what I know so others can love blogging as much as I do! 🙂

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