summing up my learning in this course

It’s that time of the semester when all of the loose ends are being tied up and, boy, is it exciting! I am proud to present my first ever Summary of Learning video, which was created using a new-to-me tool, Canva. (Shout out to everyone who recommended or referenced this website – I am still just a beginner who is delving into the different content that can be created there, and I am thoroughly impressed! I know I will be using this tool a lot more in the future!)

I chose to divide my learning in EC&I 832 into three categories (which I am just now realizing is very similar to the way the course is set up – imagine that!):

  • informal learning from blogs, Twitter, Discord, and Zoom chats
  • formal learning from class content
  • personal/professional learning from my Major Project

As this course comes to a close, I am left feeling satisfied and proud of the journey I have been on – I have come a long way since January and learned A LOT! When I signed up for this course, I looked at the name of the class and went, “Okay, ‘Digital Citizenship’, I’ve heard of that. But ‘Media Literacy’? What exactly is that?” Now I can say I’ve developed a curriculum resource that introduces both of these concepts to the youngest of learners!

It has certainly been a ride; thanks for joining me for it!

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “summing up my learning in this course

  1. Great work as always, Kara! I have been playing around with Canva Video as well both with my students and for my summary of learning and agree that it is a really easy tool once you get the hang of it.

    • Thank you so much, Holly! It feels very good to be done another course and reflect on all of the learning and changes that have occurred as a result of this course. I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s Summaries of Learning! Canva has totally converted me – I am a big fan!

  2. I’m so glad you were able to take in so much from this class. It’s been a great semester and I feel like I have also changed as an educator. I’m happy I could help you out with a book recommendation! Tik Tok has been great for me as well this course with learning new things. Your video is really well done, and enjoyable to watch!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Megan! Kudos to you and the other classmates who have taken multiple classes with Alec/Katia and continually finding creative ways to present your Summary of Learning! That book was a wild ride – I read it over February break and it had me on the edge of my seat!

    • Thank you for your comment and the kind words, Brittney! I am looking forward to exploring Canva more – and seeing all of the tools our classmates have used to create their Summaries of Learning.

  3. You did a really good job explaing your learning, connections you made in the course, and reviewing the course content. I like how you created your video, and I can’t say enough amazing things about Canva. Thanks for all of your input, comments, etc. throughout the semester. It’s so great getting thoughtful feedback. I appreciated it so much!

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