brown eagle, brown eagle, where are you?

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! This is a new resource from Native Reflections that I recently found, and both my Pre-K and Grade 1 students enjoyed it. It is along the same lines as the classic Eric Carle book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear,” but features different elements of Indigenous peoples’ culture. My Grade 1 students did a drawing activity afterwards where they drew the items from the story (red tipi, pink dreamcatcher, grey feathers, etc.).

I would also like to acknowledge that learning about First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people is not a one-and-done activity that we checked off merely for today. My Grade 1 students completed an inquiry unit earlier in the year about FNM people and their art. We tried our hand at round dancing and powwow dance steps. We listened to First Nations and Metis music. We watched examples of hoop dancing and jigging. We were wowed by beading, birch bark biting, totem poles, and beautiful powwow regalia. We learn about the Medicine Wheel in Health and Social Studies. We have talked about Orange Shirt Day, residential schools, and the Every Child Matters movement. My students know about Turtle Island, how First Nations people were the first people who lived here, and that Europeans arrived much later. Making sure our young people appreciate FNMI culture and understand the history of Canada is so important if we are going to make positive steps forward in the future!

How did you celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day? What do you do to help spread awareness of and appreciation for Indigenous peoples? I’d love to hear!

Until next time,



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