oopsie daisies…

Sorry everyone. I realized that I have now not posted for almost 2 months! When my goal was to post every 2 or 3 weeks maximum. I suppose this is a fitting portrayal of a first year teacher’s life – craziness and time warps. How is it already the second half of November?!

This will just be a quick post to update you on my life as of late, because I can’t possibly fill you in all of the things that I have missed telling you about in the past two months (at least not without intense research and backtracking, which would waste precious planning time). Besides, I’m sure you don’t want to be bored with the tedious little details. Here are the highlights:

I am still love love loving Pre-K (although October was a very hard month because I was away A LOT for conferences, workshops, and PD). In fact, October was a hard month for me in general, because for 6 weeks straight, I was on the road every single weekend going home to visit family and attend weddings, trekking across the province for professional development, and visiting friends. I am very happy to say that this weekend is the first in 6 weeks that I have spent in Hudson Bay and I was not leaving for anything! I will be staying here until Christmas break now, so am looking forward to having free weekends to plan and tidy my humble abode.

Two colleagues from the school and I attended ECEC (Early Childhood Education Council) conference in Edmonton, Alberta on November 3, 4, 5, which was AMAZING! I went to umpteen PD events this fall and that conference was, by far, the most beneficial, inspiring, applicable, and enjoyable of them all (probably due to the fact that it was all geared to ECE, which is where my true passion lies, and the fact that EVERY SINGLE SESSION I attended was so informative and useful in my everyday classroom life – although it also didn’t hurt that the conference was in West Ed Mall, so some shopping and relaxation also took place). It was  a wonderful experience (and thank goodness the conference was so good – it made the 8.5 hour drive worth it) all around – as I got to grow as a professional and build relationships with 2 of the colleagues who are also in the primary grades at HBCS. Treasured memories and learning, for sure!

I have been feeling VERY behind in my planning and am relieved (although not exactly happy) to have spent a large majority of my weekend at the school to prep for the coming week – as I have had a few days where I am planning extremely last minute for upcoming lessons (say, the night before – EEK! – prepared me’s nightmare). I was chatting with a close friend (and fellow first year teacher) last night though, and I told her that I am not ashamed to tell people how difficult being a first year teacher (or teacher in general, quite frankly) is, because sometimes we don’t hear that side of things. My friend was telling me how she struggles with comparing herself to others when she sees the amazing lesson they are posting about on social media. My thoughts on this were twofold:

  • Sharing our amazing lessons is GREAT! That is what teaching is all about – sharing our successes and cheering each other on for the wonderful things we are doing in our classrooms for our students.
  • However, I don’t think it is possible to have a stand-out, picture perfect, mind blowing lesson every single period, every single day. Nor should we have the impression that that is our job to create. Sometimes, things get interrupted, or sidetracked, or they just go completely horrible. And that is okay (and should be mandatory, I think) to share too! As teachers, we should support each other through the hard times even more than the good. That way, we will always have great teachers for our students, rather than burnt-out, jaded, exhausted, at-the-end-of-their-rope, teacher zombies.

That’s all for now. Sorry this post was all words and no pictures! Hopefully I will be back here much sooner for a more visual update.

Until then,


–KKF, Ms. F, Ms. Fidelack, teacher, Mrs. Fidelack…

***P.S. I am choosing not to read over and edit this post, in my rush to get it posted and return to planning, so please enjoy this slice of human-ness and non-perfection (as I am sure there is some typos in here somewhere…)

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