live in the moment

Recently, I have noticed how much more comfortable and confident I am feeling in the teacher role in the classroom. Three week block is a non-stop adventure, but it has allowed me to truly hit my stride. Now that I don’t have to focus as much on general management of the classroom, I can more fully enjoy the students. Thursday especially seemed like such an easy, happy-go-lucky day full of shared laughter and smiles.

During Leader Time, several students had their hands up to share stories and ask questions. After calling on one student with a raised hand, she sweetly says, “I love you.” My heart just melted. Only in Elementary school will a student raise their hand just to tell you that they love you. Such a precious moment.

We also had a pep rally one day this week. In typical Kindergarten fashion, my cooperating teacher and I explained what a pep rally is and what we do at them. After recess, a student comes up to me and asks, “Miss Fidelack, when is the pepperoni?” How cute is that?!

This week, we are continuing our inquiry unit by doing some research on the iPads with our room buddies, the Grade 6 class. I have converted related websites into QR codes for the students to peruse in pairs. Fingers crossed that the QR codes, iPads, and WiFi network all run smoothly for us!


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