first week with students!

After 4 days in Kindergarten and meeting a new group of 6-9 students each day, I have a lot to smile about! The 2 classes were split in half again for the first week of school, to more easily manage the ‘first day of Kindergarten’ busyness! Next week, the smaller groups will come together for the first time to create our classes of 15 and 16 students.

In some ways, all four days this week were very similar, as my co-op teacher went over the same routine each day. However, each day was also brand new and exciting because I got to meet a new crew of kids (all of which I absolutely LOVED! Every single kid is your favourite when they are JUST THAT CUTE!). After meeting all of my new students, I am even more excited for the weeks ahead as I get to know all of the Kinders better – especially because this age is so fascinating, refreshing, and magical (not to mention hilarious).

My co-op teacher handled most of the teaching (although I took up the job of story time on Thursday and Friday), which left me to handle some of the general classroom tasks such as:

  • putting school supplies away (which, by the way, there is A LOT of when you have 31 students! YOU try finding a place to put 60+ Kleenex boxes)
  • taking and printing student ‘first day’ pictures to put in portfolios and stick to name cards, which will go on our Word Wall (to familiarize all students with their classmates’ names and faces)
  • taking pictures of students during centre time and posting them to the students’ digital portfolios on Seesaw (which is in full swing and I am thoroughly enjoying)
  • writing a personalized note in each student’s “Parent Communication Book”
  • stuffing the students’ Kanga bags with book orders, monthly calendars, student artwork, and other important notes

My days flew by and it makes me sad to think that this will probably be a trend during the rest of my internship – it will be over before I know it. I try to take small moments to just soak up how awesome the Kindergarten environment and this experience are! Hopefully, looking back, blogging in detail will serve as a ‘diary’ of sorts to help me remember all of the great things that happened!

On that note, a funny¬†Kindergarten moment to share…

Today, we had several flies running rampant in the classroom. It was nearing the end of the day, and I noticed one of the girls stray away from her seat. I watched her, thinking she was going to grab something from her backpack. To my surprise, her hand sprang out and smacked onto the table, killing a fly! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud that a student had ninja-slapped a fly barehanded and succeeded! Can we count this as gross motor skill and excellent hand-eye coordination on the developmental front? haha

And, of course, a short orientation to some crucial Kindergarten terminology…

Kindergarten Slang

Kanga bag (noun) = blue, canvas pouches with a clear, plastic slot to send notes home in

Stinkies (noun) = shoes

ex. “Don’t forget to put your stinkies on!”

Santa bag (noun) = big, cloth bags that hold students’ extra clothes (so named due to looking like a big sack of toys Santa might carry)

Hantiziner (han-tize-in-er) (noun)= how one of my students pronounces “hand sanitizer” – So cute!

Stabbing (verb) – What one of the students accidentally called “Bingo dabbing” – oops!

ex. “Can we do that stabbing thing again?”

Next week, I start my invitations/centres. I have a Gardening centre planned for Science, 4 Seasons sensory bins for Social Studies, and a Self Portrait centre for Arts Ed/Health (pictures soon!). I will also be starting to plan the patterns unit for Math! Stay tuned and wish me luck!


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