week 1

Today marked my fourth day of internship! Take a look at what I’ve been up to thus far!

Day 1

My co-op and I arrived at the school early to get a start on bulletin boards. I whipped up the one below fairly quickly once I got the hang of it (it helped that my co-op had all of the materials ready to go – can’t take all of the credit haha). We also had a meeting with the entire school staff to go over the teacher ‘handbook.’ It was a bit overwhelming at first with all of the new faces and information. I think I’ve got everyone down now, though! It helped that there was a staff BBQ at the principal’s house that evening to continue to put faces to names (and the delicious food was an added bonus).

A classic welcome back to school bulletin board, complete with a play on words.

A classic welcome back to school bulletin board, complete with a play on words.

Day 2 

It was off to Rosetown (the Sun West School Division’s central point and location of the division office) bright and early for iLearn – the division Professional Development day. Car pooling was a great way to get to know some of the staff better. I attended some great sessions geared towards Kindergarten and ECE, the first being Project Approach in the ECE Classroom and Phonological Awareness. Both inspired me to try some new things in K these next four months – my list of internship goals is rapidly growing, so I will attempt to squeeze as much in as I can!

Day 3 

Off to Rosetown for Teachers’ Convention – Day 1! We had an engaging keynote from a Hoop Dancer that I really enjoyed. I also attended an STF 101 session and a collaborative session on teaching gymnastics to elementary students.

Day 4

Today was our final drive to Rosetown for the second day of convention. Brain Breaks was a very informative and useful session that provided a wealth of ideas to get students moving. Next, I attended a session on Work/Life Balance, which should prove useful as I head into a busy semester of student teaching! New to convention this year was an afternoon of Ed Camp, where teachers can suggest sessions they would like to facilitate on topics of their choosing. I went to the Kindergarten session, wherein we chatted about EYE assessments (which I will get to see first-hand this semester) and new report card procedure changes (K will be switching to numbered report card scores this year).

My final session of the day was a last minute choice, but extremely worthwhile. It focused on the app Seesaw, which is an interface for the creation of digital portfolios. My co-op and I were both instantly impressed and wowed, and I am excited to say that we set up both of our Kindergarten classes on Seesaw on the drive home! I have not learned a new educational technology in a while, so I am excited to have a ‘project’ that my co-op and I can learn together with the students. I will make a post soon solely on Seesaw and its features.

This week has been jam-packed and (not surprisingly) tiring! While it has been great getting to know staff in my school and division, I have found this week a test of my patience, as I really just want to meet all of my new students and dive into teaching! The students start on Tuesday, so my wait is not much longer.

I’ll be sure to post again soon about my first days with the students and my Seesaw experience.


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