new book haul

Welcome to May, everyone! Hope the April showers are bringing some May flowers your way 🙂

In order to tide myself over with excitement until I receive my internship package (telling me where I will be spending four months in the fall), I ordered a whole swack of books to supplement my ever-growing classroom library (which has begun to take over the spare room in my family’s basement.. haha).

First of all, I got a super deal on 45 non-fiction books in 9 sets of 5 on different topics. I was extra excited about this addition, as I don’t have many non-fiction titles in my classroom library already and these books all connect really well with curriculum units in Science! I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these in the future.


Simple machines


Animal adaptations


Human body




Oceans and ocean life


Types of animals


Space and the solar system


Different environments on Earth


The Earth and rocks


This next one is also very cute. It has illustrations and short descriptions of different yoga poses for each letter of the alphabet. I could see this being a fun way to incorporate brain breaks – you could do a different letter each day.


Set of 10. Teaching phonics through fairy tales. Each book has a major sound focus (ex. ‘ee’) that is highlighted throughout the text. Classic tales are written in short, rhyming stanzas.


The classic song from Sesame Street in book form. Also includes a CD with 3 songs! Such a steal.


Awesome set of 6 that explains different plant parts. Has great pictures and simple text.


And finally… This one really excited the grammar nerd in me. A whole set of books that explain the parts of speech in first person. Ex. “If you were quotation marks, you would work in partners, and go outside of the words that characters in the story are saying.” SUPER cute!

On top of all of this, I am headed to the Scholastic warehouse sale this week to hopefully pick up some more gems at rock bottom prices. Gotta love teacher bargain hunting!

Until next time, go out and grab a great book!


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