funny moments

There is truly never a dull moment in an Elementary School classroom. I can guarantee that I will never go a day without laughing or smiling at something funny or sweet a student says. Here are a few moments that I found amusing.

Student (we will call him Cody) is not listening and is becoming a distraction for the entire class.

Co-op Teacher: “Are you listening to me right now, Cody?”

Cody: “No.”

Co-op Teacher: “How do you show me that you’re listening?”

Cody: “Stare at you.”

I am playing classical music in the background while the students work on a writing task.

Student: “Can you play something from this century?”

Student (we will call him Randy Smith) is taking forever to get his outdoor clothes on and get out the door at the end of the day, which is typical behaviour for him.

Me: “You’re being a slow poke!”

Randy: “No. I’m being Randy Smith!”

Me: *laughs* “Same thing!”

Students are having a talking circle at the end of our last day. Each one is taking a turn saying what their favourite part of the last three weeks has been, while my teaching partner and I were in the class.

Student: “Thanks for the muffins. I will miss you. And…”    *thinks*    “God bless us all!”

The class is making banana muffins as a healthy snack (for my teaching partner’s Nutrition unit). I assign a group of girls to smash the frozen bananas up in a bowl. The girls come up to me and say “We broke the bowl!” Upon inspection, I see that they did, indeed, break several holes into the bottom of the bowl from trying so hard to smash up the bananas.

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