final week of pre-internship

I taught my half day on Monday afternoon and, thankfully, it went very well. Due to the way the schedule worked out this week, I ended up teaching an entire afternoon of Arts Ed (the subject area of my unit) to count as my lessons for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Again, I had some tough-to-manage action going on in the classroom, as students were given time to work on the musical pieces they had been creating in small groups. I ran this like Daily 5 – having 3 stations for the groups to cycle through in timed rounds. Each station helped the group to prepare or reflect upon their final project (my unit’s summative assessment): Station 1 allowed the students to practice their musical piece with their instruments of choice, Station 2 had the groups create a write up about their piece, and the third Station involved a group assessment of the students’ cooperation thus far. The Instrument station was a bit noisy, but again, this was productive noise. My co-op reassured me that there would have been no way to evade this noise level problem, so, all things considered, I was happy with how the group work went.

Once students had a chance to practice and prepare, they performed their music pieces for the class. I was very impressed with how well they did, and how they embodied and applied the concepts we had been learning as a whole class. The students who were not performing also made me proud by showing proper audience behaviour (something that we are constantly working on with my group of movers and shakers!).

I finished the day with a crossover Arts Ed lesson that infused Music into Visual Art, by having students draw pictures using only music notes (pictures below). They turned out great and I was pleasantly surprised with all of the creativity my students showed during this activity. My main goal during this time was to keep the students settled and calm, as this was the end of the day, when the students tend to be more unfocused and harder to rein in. They worked quietly and productively on their task, so I was very pleased.

IMG_5247 IMG_5240 IMG_5242 IMG_5245 IMG_5233 IMG_5226 IMG_5228

Teaching a half day was a totally new experience, and I found that once I got started, the time just flew by! The parts of the day when you are teaching seem like they happen in the blink of an eye.

Today, my teaching partner taught her half day. Tomorrow, our class is going on a field trip (in the afternoon) to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, so I am very excited to have that kind of out-of-classroom experience with the students (I’m interested to see how the students behave in a different environment).

Thursday is my final day, and I am already trying to mentally prepare myself for how bittersweet this will be! I am very proud and excited to finish such a successful 3 week block, but I am going to miss my students SO much! I have grown to know them (and ADORE them!) much more after seeing them every day, all day. Although they are, at times, interesting to manage, I love them each to pieces and couldn’t have asked for a better class to teach me how to be a better educator! It’s so difficult to spend 3 weeks straight with a group of students and then be ripped away so abruptly! My goal is to enjoy every last second of them before pre-internship is over.

Although I am heartbroken that pre-internship (which has been an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING experience for me) is coming to an end, I also know that this means there are new beginnings in store for me. My internship awaits me in the fall, with many more learning experiences to come!

Until next time,


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