pre-internship so far

Life has been super busy lately, so I thought I would do a quick fill-in on what has happened since my last blog post.

Day 3: Wednesday 

I taught a Writer’s Workshop lesson (which is SUPER tough to differentiate in the class I am in) on poem/lyric writing. I was feeling discouraged at the end of it, because I felt that some students did not get the proper amount of support and I was being pulled in a million different directions trying to help everyone. I wish I would have tried peer support groups. But my co-op teacher and faculty advisor only had praises to sing, which made me feel a lot better. Having such supportive and positive role models and mentors during pre-internship is such a fulfilling and inspiring experience. The people I have the pleasure to work with during my 3 week block have made my time at GMS AMAZING so far!

Day 4: Thursday

I taught a lesson on First Nations music and their instruments. My lesson was at the end of the day, and students were introduced to all of the made instruments I had for them. This could have been a big disaster (as my class is a big squirrely by the end of the day) but my classroom management was on point during this lesson – something I was EXTREMELY proud of! Another great day in the books.

Day 5: Friday (End of First Week!!)

I did a lesson on Tempo. The students loved the old school metronome I brought in! The students were a little bit harder to manage today (Fridays and Mondays seem to be a bit tougher – haha)

Day 6: Monday

Today, I taught Writer’s Workshop again, this time with a focus on writing about how a piece of music makes you feel and what you see in your mind while it is playing. This Writer’s Workshop lesson went a lot better, in my opinion, but I still definitely struggle with how to provide enough support for my students, who are at a range of levels and abilities. It made me feel a lot better when my co-op teacher told me that Writing is one of the toughest subjects to teach and adapt for all of the students, and she still finds it a challenge. I am excited for my Writer’s Workshop class next week now!

Funny “Kids Say the Darndest Things” moments…

My co-op teacher was reading a Robert Munsch book (Up Up Down) about climbing a tree. One character fell down and onto their “bottom.” One of the students in the back chimed in “Gluteus Maximus!” I could barely contain my giggles.

Also, today was my birthday and one of my students said “You’re 35?” I thought it was cute. Another piped up, “If I would have known, I would have brought you something.” Such sweet kids; I love them to death. ❤

This Week

I am feeling a lot more confident and relaxed; everything just seems routine and natural now. My classroom management and ‘withitness’ does not require me to think about it anymore; I can easily multitask teaching, scanning the room, and giving those special ‘teacher looks’ (which I have perfected). It’s amazing how much more I have learned about my students in just a week. I am growing so attached, I’m already dreading our final week and last day.

3 Way Conferences are on Friday, and my teaching partner and I have the opportunity to sit in on them, which I am very excited about! That will be such a great learning experience.

SUPER exciting news for my classroom: at the end of the day, the school principal came in with the new EA allotment schedule, and our class now has support for the entire afternoon and every morning from 9-9:30, which is HUGE in a class like ours! I can see why our co-op teacher was so overjoyed to hear this news. It’s such a good feeling when you know that your students will be getting all of the support that they possibly can.

Tomorrow, my faculty advisor is coming in for his second visit. I am teaching all about dynamics – wish me luck!

Peace. Love. Teach.


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