online reading resources

Here are a couple of the great sites I have found so far:

RIF Reading Planet

This site has a lot of different icons to click on its home page. I really like the Poetry Splatter game under the ‘Game Station’ icon!


Starfall is a site designed for those who are just learning to read. Under the ‘Learning to Read’ item, there are short stories that focus on many different letter sounds to reinforce a specific one!

Kindergarten Resources

This site is a hidden treasure! It is just a page FULL of links to other great games and activities! My favourite (so far – I haven’t had time to try all the links yet!) is Bembo’s Zoo. It has an animal for every letter. When you click on the letter, it says the name of the animal, and then the letters jumble up and create a picture of that animal! Very cool! It would link perfectly with a lesson idea I had for students to draw a picture with only letters (see my post ‘music as cultural integration/alphabet art’ on March 7, 2013).

ICDL (International Children’s Digital Library) 

I am IN LOVE with this site! It has thousands of books, all scanned online for you to read! The Advanced Search has helped me greatly to narrow down the vast, vast selection. It has parameters for age, language, length, even cover colour for goodness’ sake. I have no doubt that this will be a favourite of mine for a long, long time!

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