year 1 done & summer goals

I CANNOT believe that I am finished my first year of university! It was a whirlwind year of learning new things, meeting new people and having great new experiences! I am definitely excited to go back in the fall and continue to work towards my degree (and I am also very excited because my roommate got accepted into the Education program after a ton of hard work!), but I am also happy to have a break for a few months!

Although I have summer holidays (although here in Saskatchewan it doesn’t even feel like spring yet, as the ground is still mostly white from the snow!), I want to keep my teacher mind sharp so have a few goals for myself just to keep fresh with the education world.

1. Read all of the Indigenous Education articles that my classmates in ECS 110 read and my professor posted a list of.

2. Keep reading my Instructor magazines that I get and post and reflections or ideas that spring up from them.

3. Tutor my “summer student” for the third summer in a row! Note to self: Go talk to his homeroom teacher for possible materials and suggestions of what to focus on!

4. Use Twitter and Pinterest as ways to stay connected and get great new ideas.

5. Update my portfolio.

I have always been an avid goal setter and I think that summer holidays are a great time to re-evaluate your goals! I will let you know how I do on accomplishing these (and don’t worry, I still hope to post frequently during the summer!).

Wishing university students a great four month break and teachers, elementary and high school students a happy summer holiday once it comes!

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