new addiction

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across Tagxedo, my new found word collage making addiction!

What a useful and beautiful creation app! The original poster (find her website here) had these ideas for how to use it (but I am sure there are millions more!):

1. Contrast Candidates in a Political Debate – Using debates, speeches, slogans, promises, etc., students can examine the political platform of two or more political candidates.

2. Current Events – Using key terms from various news outlets (newspaper, radio, television, etc.), students can summarize the latest newsworthy event.

3. Make a Self Portrait – Using one’s dreams, hopes, character traits, goals, etc., students can summarize their personality.

4. Make a Tagxedo Poem – Using a favorite poem or one written personally, students can create a word cloud highlighting its theme.

(If you want to see the original post, go check it out!)

Here’s the web address for Tagxedo (WARNING: highly addictive).

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