games, not sports

My KHS 139 class is all about teaching Physical Education to Elementary aged students. We have finished our first two units on Educational Gymnastics and Educational Dance and are on our final topic: Educational Games.

The stress is that, rather than playing an actual sport, teachers should be utilizing “modified games” that develop the fundamental movement skills like kicking, throwing, catching, etc. It is important to keep in mind that what children view as games is drastically different from adults.

The three main focuses are on:

A) developing skills
B) participation (NOT elimination style games!)
C) fun!

Children will especially enjoy games that they can create the rules to. This little photo is a summary of how teachers can get them on the right track:

(Note: This is taken from “Children Moving: A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education, 8th Edition”, written by George Graham, Shirley Ann Holt/Hale and Melissa Parker)

This class has really showed me how important Physical Education is to the development of young children. I hope to use the strategies I am learning now in my future career!

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