5 weeks left in year 1!

It amazes me how quickly my first semester flew by! Now that I am more than half done my second semester, summer seems like it is right around the corner. It will definitely take some time to wrap my head around 4 months off of school!

Even though it is only my first year, I have learned so much, and I have also realized how much more there is to learn! One of the teachers whose classrooms I volunteered in in my Grade 11 and 12 years raved that “I could be put in a classroom right then and be a good teacher.” Now, this is obviously a bit of an exaggeration, but after this first semester, I now know how untrue this statement really is! Before I came to the U of R, I didn’t realize how multi-faceted a teacher’s job truly was!

Everyone knows a teacher makes tests, and teaches concepts in the front of a classroom, and corrects assignments and yadda yadda. But they don’t think about inclusion and diversity and learning styles and all of those other ‘hidden’ pieces of the occupation.

This year has not only opened my eyes to the responsibilities of a teacher, but it has also reinforced my extreme passion for this field. If my remaining semesters go by as quickly as these first two have, I will be living my dreams in no time flat!

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