brain breaks, busy bodies

Lately, I have heard lots of buzz about brain breaks. They not only get kids moving and engaged, but also give their heads a moment of rest from school work.

Just some ideas:

1) Get up and do a dance with specific moves. Ex. the Cha-Cha slide (the video below has awesome actions in time with the song!) or something simple like the Hokey Pokey.

2) Seasonal-themed ideas.

Children jump from side to side and imitate a skier doing a slalom motion.
Children build an imaginary snowman.
Children sit in a line on the floor and pretend they are on a toboggan.

Children crouch low and are seeds, ‘water’ them and they can grow slowly and spread their ‘petals’ (arms) out.


Children can spin around like leaves falling like trees (be careful not to hit anything, you need proficient space)

3) Using everyday, classroom materials
Jump over a ruler without touching it
Balance a pencil/marker/pen on your nose

Have a binder filled with ideas that you can pull out anytime you have a wiggly class! Five or ten minutes is great to get them back on track – and have fun!

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