last days of school alphabet countdown

During my Grade 11 and 12 years, I volunteered in two Grade 1 classrooms in my hometown. They did something at the end of the school year that I would really like to adapt into my future classroom someday: the last 26 days of school were a alphabet countdown!

For example, when there were 26 school days left in the year, that day would be ‘A’ themed. This continued on until the last day of school, which was ‘Z’.

Activities that followed the letter theme didn’t have to be incorporated throughout the entire day, it could be as simple as one activity done that day that used that letter. On ‘E’ day, the teachers handed out booklets that the students made which were about elephants.

I think this idea would be a fun way to end off the year and incorporate all the letters of the alphabet! 🙂

Some ideas for themed days that I have:

A- apple, archeologist, art
B- beach, book
C- circle, colours, Canada
D- dinosaur,
E- electricity (science experiments with static?)
F- flowers,
G- garden, globe
H- hello (learn to say hello in different languages)
I- ice cream (take the kids out for a treat, make your own ice cream), instruments
J- jive, jump rope
K- kangaroo, kayak
M- music, movie
N- numbers
O- octopus
P- pyjamas, painting
Q- quiet, quick, quilt (maybe all decorate a square of paper and make a class quilt)
R- rainbow
S- swimming, surfing,
T- toys (popular toys in different countries)
U- ukelele
W- weird words (give them a word and have them make up a definition)
X- xylophone (maybe use it to get the students’ attention when switching activities)

Please comment with any ideas you have!

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