music as cultural integration/alphabet art

I am starting to bring over some of my posts from my Blogger blog! This is the first one I ever made 🙂 Enjoy!

This is an idea for a lesson plan that increases cultural awareness and incorporates a musical aspect. Being a lover of Chinese and Spanish music, I think it would be great to explore the music of different countries around the world with a class.

1. Pick a country and play some examples of traditional or modern music.
2. Talk about the instruments the kids can identify, or show google images of foreign instruments that are interesting or different from what the children already know. Maybe try making some of your own to play along!
3. Express how the music makes you feel or what mood it has. Is it angry sounding, light and airy, something you would dance to?
4. How would you dance to it? Watch a clip of traditional dancing to enforce this idea and get kids to imitate it or create their own moves!
5. Have they heard this type of music before on t.v. or in a movie? Can they make any connections to music that they have heard or are familiar with already?
6. Repeat with a different country!

This second activity utilizes the alphabet, but applied in a fun way for kids to practice their letters!

Pick an animal, object, person, etc. to draw. Now see if you can create a picture of it using only letters to draw.

Example: a bear. You could use an ‘O’ as the head, p’s or d’s as ears, a sidways ‘c’ for a mouth, etc, etc. Let kids be creative. Explore what letters make round shapes or straight lines. Make sure you use different colors to make your picture unique!

Stay tuned for more in the future!


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